Top 3 Most Popular Websites Developed in PHP

PHP is a powerful programming language in today’s world that is powering almost 80% of the web. 

PHP scripts can be used on most of the well-known operating systems like Linux, Unix, Solaris, Microsoft Windows, MAC OS and many others. It also supports most web servers including Apache and IIS. Using PHP affords web developers the freedom to choose their operating system and web server.


PHP can be embedded in HTML, and it’s well suited for web development and the creation of dynamic web pages for web applications, e-commerce applications, and database applications. It’s considered a friendly language with abilities to easily connect with MySQL, Oracle, and other databases.


These are the top most popular websites developed in PHP:



In addition to connect people in the online sphere, Facebook is widely used for business advertising. The PHP Developers at Facebook came up with their own version of PHP called HHVM (HipHop Virtual Machine), which was originally written in PHP.




Wikipedia has given the world the gift of online information sharing. Everyone can contribute to the content of Wikipedia. This smart knowledge warehouse has some important features that keep it running smoothly such as: Viewport Meta Tag, HTML DocType, User space, Visual editor and many more.



One of the most popular websites out there; Tumblr has cemented its position as the go-to-website for millennials, thanks to its brilliant website. Some of its top features include: Create multimedia blogs, Follow everything on Tumblr dashboard, Personalize blog with custom theme or domain, Reblog to share content from other blogs, iOS and Android apps, among others. 

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