Our Story: The Dinomite Company Creation.

Dinomite is a startup that was came from a hackathon. 

The founders of Dinomite are Hackathon enthusiasts! With a long track record of hackathon attendances, we finally struck gold at the TH.0 RecruitaTH.0n 2020.   The labor-intensive weekend produced wonderful solutions and gave rise to our entrepreneurial venture. 

Typically, the winning teams at hackathons get their prize and the move on. But TH.0 – the organisers of the recruitment hackathon took us under their wing with a 6-week long training program. 

Dinomite was born!

We are a young and passionate team of talented developers, strategists, writers, coders, designers and programmers who are ready to make our mark. 

Got an idea? We’d love to discuss it with you!

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