Benefits of Node.js & Why You Should Use it.

Node.js benefits businesses in many ways. We have compiled the most important advantages of Node.js for both business and software development. 

- via Stack Overflow 2019 survey

Open-source NPM repository – with over 60 thousand available modules you can easily find a ready to use solution for your problem, instead of reinventing the wheel. 

Scalable systems – thanks to the lightweight nature of Node.js it’s really easy to scale application horizontally by deploying many instances of your project to the different servers. You can also scale your system vertically, by using cluster built-in module that will fork the application process to all the CPU cores you have.

Good for microservices – we’ve talked about this before but it’s still worth mentioning that a lot of companies migrate to Node.js when they want to move to the microservices. Just sayin’.

Single programming language – nowadays, the language of choice on a frontend is JavaScript. Because you can also use it on backed, it improves the app’s maintainability. You no longer have to hire two people for separate backend and frontend positions. It’s a huge advantage to save your time and money.

Time to market – very often a business has a great idea for a web application but needs to verify it on a market. With Node.js you can deliver an MVP very fast which reduces the amount of money and effort needed to achieve it. 

Tested on production – since Node.js was created in 2009 a lot of companies have had an opportunity to check how Node.js works on production. Well, it worked quite well because a lot of big players decided to move to the Node.js. 

Node.js has a positive impact not only on the products but also on costs, team culture, morale, customer satisfaction and so on. 

Source: “Node.js User Survey Report”

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